Get more on-time payments with Text/SMS or App Push Notification bills & payments

MedPayGenie Text / SMS and Apps bill notification & payment service works with all AthenaCollector* bills. Scroll down to learn how this service works.

You can also schedule a call with us and we can walk you through the process.

How Does It Work?

Sign up for MedPayGenie Service

Apart from usual basic agreements, signing up includes providing AthenaHealth* an authorization for your patients to access their bills and pay bills via MedPayGenie.

We do not see any of your practice data except basic details of only payments made via our services for billing and legal purposes. 


Set Up Subscription For Text or App Push Notifications For New Bills/ Payment Service

Text Service: Use our simple sign up management portal to add patients who want to use the service. You can search patients from your practice and quickly enable service for them. We can also enable bulk loading of patients.

Apps: Patients sign up to receive push notifications by themselves using basic patient info

Patient Gets Notified Of New Bill Info Via Text/SMS Secure Link or App Push Notification

Text Service: Patient confirms sign up via text message link and this starts the service. When there is a new AthenaCollector* bill created for this patient, they are notified immediately by Text/SMS with a link to this new bill

Apps: Patients gets notified of new bill via App push notification and they can view the new bill from notification panel in the App

ReceiveText & Push Notification

Open Bills, View Summary And Detailed PDF Bill

Text Service & Apps: Patient is able to open a digital summary of the bill and also view full detailed PDF copy of bill as well (same one you send to them via mail) without logging on to the portal.

Patient is also sent regular reminders to pay this bill via Text/SMS or App Notifications

Pay Bills, Receive Email Receipt

Text Service & Apps: Patient clicks on Pay button and enters  Credit/Debit/HSA/FHA card info to pay the bill. They receive email receipt from your practice. 

Payment is done via Athena* Credit Card service that you currently use. So no new setups. Also this payment will be auto posted to your Athena system.

Apps: And added advantage of using Apps is that patients can view history of bills and payments at any time for multiple patients in family without logging into the portal

MPG Apps

Text Service And Apps Are Both Included As Part Of MedPayGenie Service

MedPayGenie iOS and Android apps are also available for those who prefer mobile apps along with the Text/SMS service. Your patients can use either or both. No additional set up is required. No additional cost.

Try MedPayGenie And Improve Your On-Time Payments With Free Trial

Data shows that sending bills and reminders via Text/SMS or push notifications improves on time payments.

We offer Free Trial Till You Are Satisfied !! You choose the length of trial, no commitments, no pressure and cancel anytime without any charge.


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athenahealth Partner

We are athenahealth Partner. Hence our solution has been vetted thoroughly  and approved for privacy, HIPAA compliance & security by Athena* for use with AthenaCollector.* V isit us at Athena Marketplace* to learn more. 


Data Privacy

We are HIPAA compliant and verified by independent audit. We do not see any of your practice data and you do not need to share any patient or schedule or billing info with us. We do capture payment info made via our service for billing and legal purposes.


No Conflicts Of Interest

We are not a collection agency or a part of one. Hence our goal is to prevent bills from going for collection to save your money by improving on-time payments

 * athenahealth, athenaCollector and athena Marketplace are registered trademarks of athenahealth Inc.